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Ireland Experience 2017
Zu jeder "Expedition" nach Irland gibt es eine mehr oder weniger ausführliche Foto- oder Filmdokumentation. Einen Teil der tollen Eindrücke von den Hauptzielen versuche ich auf diese Art zu konservieren. Die Auswahl ist nie einfach, denn es gibt einfach zu viele WOW-Momente und noch viel mehr digitale Fotos und Video-Clips.
2017 lag der Schwerpunkt photographisch und kommentatorisch auf den angegebenen Orten. Es waren die ersten Erfahrungen auf und mit der Insel und natürlich mit den Iren auf ihrer wunderschönen Insel.
Wenn ihr Lust habt, begleitet mich ein wenig auf der Reise durch Erinnerungen und staubt vielleicht ein paar wertvolle Tipps ab. Am Besten ihr klickt euch chronologisch durch die Jahre.

TIPP: Die eigene Vorgabe für den ersten Besuch Irlands war (und sollte sein): So wenig feste Planungen vor der Reise, mit maximaler Flexibilität und Neugierde loslegen und deshalb nur wenige Unterkünfte als Backup buchen.

Eines der Hauptziele stand allerdings vorab fest und bekräftigte das bereits ausgeprägte Interesse an Irland:

TIPP: Die Hafenstadt Dingle auf der gleichnamigen Halbinsel (Dingle Peninsula).

C o r k
D i n g l e
G a l w a y
D u b l i n
K i n s a l e
Liebe Irland-Freunde, ihr müsst euch in der Folge damit anfreunden, dass die Begleittexte zu den Fotos in Englisch gehalten sind. Das übt und macht nebenbei bemerkt (mir) auch noch Spaß. Englisch oder Irisch (Gälisch - obwohl von den Iren selbst nicht so genannt) ist Inselpflicht. Es geht zwar auch ohne - am ehesten noch in der Hauptstadt Dublin - aber ein wenig Mühe kann man sich schon geben und hilft. Die Iren danken es euch mit noch intensiverer Gastfreundlichkeit.
An der gesamten Westküste kann es ohne Englischkenntnisse etwas schwieriger werden, je nach regionalem Dialekt auch hoffnungslos. Aber: die sehr gastfreundlichen Iren tun wirklich alles, um freundlich auf jede Ansprache zu reagieren und zu helfen. In einigen Gebieten haben sich auch Deutsche ihre zweite oder gar neue Heimat gesucht.
TIPP: Kleine, familiäre B&B's suchen, einfach um Land und Leute besser kennen zu lernen sowie Hinweise zu lokalen, teils "geheimen" Highlights zu erhalten. Es lohnt sich.

Not Home Alone
Muckross House (Teach Mhucrois)

Killarney National Park (Páirc Náisiúnta Chill Airne)
Dromyrourk , Killarney , Co. Kerry , Ireland

This house is one out of many things representing a typical Irish heritage and was built in 1843. It is still inhabited but nevertheless, parts of it open to public.

Spooky ? Well, try it out.
Green & Blue - It Is So True
Killarney National Park (Páirc Náisiúnta Chill Airne)

Dromyrourk, Killarney, County Kerry

Walking on "Endless Green".
Sky Is No Limit
Killarney National Park (Páirc Náisiúnta Chill Airne)

Dromyrourk, Killarney, County Kerry

Your personal and sensual horizon will be expanded when you walk through the park or take a horse carriage ride. The whole area is perfectly maintained, you'll find no dirt and you can feel the love owners put into maintenance of their heritage.

Your senses and brain have to work hard to reappraise everything you see.

No limit !
Flower Power
Killarney National Park (Páirc Náisiúnta Chill Airne)

Dromyrourk, Killarney, County Kerry

Especially the "Invasion of Rhododendron" in multicolour during the month of May makes you breathless.
Dingle (An Daingean or Daingean Uí Chúis)

Strandstreet, Co. Kerry, Ireland

One of the remarkable things in Dingle Town is the massive use of colours to lighten up daily life. It makes you smile and feel good.

What do you need numbers for on houses ?
"Come to my Green House" will do . . .
Created By Nature
Slea Head Drive (R 559) - Dingle Peninsula

The Slea Head Drive starts more or less in Milltown/Dingle and takes you on a round trip through the western part of the Dingle Peninsula. Enroute you have many places to pause, to take a deep breath and to meditate on nature.

We are just guests in paradise.

This photo displays a view in the direction of The Great Blasket Island, near Coumeenoole Beach.
Thinner On Top
Conor Pass (An Chonair) - R 560, County Kerry

Elevation: 410 m (456 m)

The Dingle Peninsula is divided up by a chain of smaller and bigger "mountains". A stopover on top of the Conor Pass - reached by car or hiked - offers you a spectacular view on the northern and southern coastlines of the peninsula - of course always depending on wheather conditions.

Changes come quickly !
Dingle (An Daingean or Daingean Uí Chúis)

You can walk around Dingle Bay / Dingle Harbour almost without any obstacles but just doing so would let you miss impressions on the "inside".

As you can see - trees adapt after a while, following the forces of nature - are we willing and able to do the same ?
Dolphin Facade
Dingle (An Daingean or Daingean Uí Chúis)

Strandstreet, Co. Kerry, Ireland

The facade represents the special guest star the region has for decades now - a dolphin named "Fungie". He welcomes guests from all over the world and likes to play/swim with them - you can rely on that !

Otherwise the money you probably paid to watch him will be reimbursed.

Meanwhile the dolphin wasn't seen for a while...
Dingle (An Daingean or Daingean Uí Chúis)

Slea Head Drive, Milltown, Co. Kerry, Ireland

This is a view from a very, very, very nice accomodation to the direction of Dingle Harbour / Dingle Bay. Time to rest and enjoy friendship.

A special "Moin" to Aidan & Marian . . .
Endless Running
Fermoyle Strand, Fermoyle, County Kerry

It is time to think things over - standing at an endless strand (or beach if you like).

When you are lucky and fortuitously travelling in the month of May probably nobody else but you will enjoy the scenery.

Amazing and peaceful - wind, waves and a few birds will accompany your inner rest.
Sky & Sand
Fermoyle Strand, Fermoyle, County Kerry
Calm But Rough
The Great Blasket Island (An Blascaod Mór)

This is to be the most western point of Europe - the last residents left in 1953. In fact, they had to be evacuated.
To my opinion, it is a spiritual experience spending time on this beautiful part of the earth, ruminating in the grass when you are almost on your own.

All things your senses capture make you feel comfortable. The fantastic atmosphere leads your thoughts onto another level.

Taking the Slea Head Drive (R 559) on Dingle Peninsula heading to Dunquin Harbour (sounds bigger then it really is) and cross over to the "Great Blasket" by a small rubber dinghy first (picks you up) and another small boat after that - adventurous !

This passage works only when wheather conditions permit - otherwise the ferryman will say "NO". Of course some other transfer options to the Great Blasket Island(s) do exist but I think this is not only the shortest distance to go but also the funniest one.
Being In Nothing
The Great Blasket Island (An Blascaod Mór)

A lot of ruins inspire your imagination and are taking you back into time. Residents had nothing "modern" to facilitate their hard lives and depending on circumstances there was no way to leave the Island for days or weeks.

They took what nature gave them - sometimes it was nothing big.
Tough Life - Solid Ground
The Great Blasket Island (An Blascaod Mór)
Far Point
The Great Blasket Island (An Blascaod Mór)

Only small boats are able to moor in certain parts of the Island because of the allover dangerous, rough coastline.

Sometimes there was no escape and almost no shelter.

Meanwhile you can "survive" a couple of nights on The Great Blasket Island in simple accomodations which need to be booked in advance.

"Great Blasket Island Accommodation has no electricity, WiFi, TV or electronic devices. Guests can experience camp fires, sunsets, nature and history in all its glory. If you do miss the lure of your mobile phone, reception is generally good and phone calls can be made/received in the case of an emergency."
The Great Blasket Island (An Blascaod Mór)
Water Or Stone
Banna Strand (Trá na Beannaí )
In & Out
Galway (Gaillimh)

Corrib Canal

Galway is suitable for calm loving people and party people at the same time. There are a lot of places to find relaxation within this lively city.

One spot is the Corrib Canal which bypasses the river Corrib partially right in the center of the 80 K-city.
Let The River Run
Galway (Gaillimh)
Peace Ahead
Galway (Gaillimh)
Kinsale Harbour (Cionn tSaile)

There is a "White House" in the city - and seals in the harbour. Kinsale is an expensive place to live.

Look onto the surface - the face you'll see is maybe not yours.
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