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TRIBE was created in 2012 from the desire to turn an ordinary object into something extraordinary. This was the birth of the idea of giving a face and soul to a USB stick, by taking a top-quality memory chip and covering it with a soft PVC casing shaped into the 3D form of certain fictional characters. A talented Italian artist sketched the outline, a craftsman turned the sketch into a hand-sculpted miniature, and its profiles, forms and colours were then perfected, ready for mass production: and so the first Tribe collection was born. TRIBE (LINK)
I suggest to enjoy my "Tribe USB Flash Drive Photo Gallery" on a reasonably big screen- to ensure that all the features implemented are available and running. To see all my "TRIBEs" (no description, no remarks) click HERE.
2019 - 2020 Created by Frank Schmidt
MusicLinerZ Vision Video (MVV)
Last Update: 29 April 2020
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