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Stories & Facts Behind The Troops

The Years 1973 - 1976

06 March 1975
Ralph McQuarrie presented the first production draft of a Stormtrooper ("Cantina")
The budget for the "costume" of all Stormtroopers was limited to $ 93.000. Key role players creating a Stormtrooper were Ralph McQuarrie, Brian Muir, Liz Moore and John Mollo.
23-25 March 1976
First "mission" for six Stormtroopers on the set of "Star Wars" was scene No. B32 in Tunesia: "Stormtroopers detect signs of droids". The first standard arming of a Stormtrooper/Sandtrooper was based on the British "Sterling-MK-IV MP" used in the UK Army 1953 - 1988.

The Years 1977 - 1979

20 June 1976
First official photo-appearance of a Stormtrooper was in an article written by Charles Champlin in L.A. Times Calendar.
12 April 1977
Stormtrooper officially introduced in comic book StarWars#1
(Edition: 250.000).

Merchandise started when publicist Charles Lippincott (Lucasfilm Marketing and Merchandising Vice President) signed deals on behalf of 20th Century Fox with publishing companies Del-Rey and Marvel Comic. The first picture of the TIE-Fighter Pilot (TIE = Twin Ion Engine - "The Star Wars Sketchbook" September 1977) was published as a production draft by Ralph McQuarrie. The design was based on the Imperial Stormtrooper "costume". The Imperial Spacetrooper was just a short snapshot in a scene where the Millenium Falcon was captured from the first Death Star in Episode IV.

The first Star Wars Stormtrooper figure as a merchandise product was produced by Kenner in March 1977.

The Years 1980 - 1994

28 June 1978
The prototype (Ralph McQuarrie, Joe Johnston as well as John Mollo and Niko Rodis-Jamero) of the Snowtrooper was named "Super Trooper" at an early stage - fitted all in white - but was used later on to become the look of Boba Fett.
April 1980
The costs of one "costume" for a Snowtrooper was estimated to be  $ 2.569. Commanding Officer of all Snowtroopers became General Veers in a slightly modified Snowtrooper-"costume". Donald F. Gluts film novel established the term All-Terrain-Attack-Transporter.

June 1980
The acronym AT-AT was used for the first time in Joe Johnston's and
Nilo Rodis'
"The Empire Strikes Back Sketchbook".

19 June 1979
A new prototype (Mark II) of the Stormtrooper "costume" was presented but could not yet be used in all scenes of "The Empire Strikes Back". They had been used for the first time in "Return Of The Jedi" filming the scene "Arrival of the Emperor on the 2nd Death Star". Initial name of the Imperial Scout Trooper (Biker Scout) was Scooter Trooper. It was the first "project" the newly established production design team under Pete Ronzani worked on - also called "The Plastic-Boys". The Imperial Royal Guard was developed by Nilo Rodis-Jamero "to describe the Emperor without really telling something about him". Since 1983 more often the term "Imperial Troops" was used rather than "Stormtroopers". The Company Random House was assumed to have enforced this change when publishing "Tie-In-Novels" within the next years.

The first time a Stormtrooper took his helmet off and was supposed to be an Alderaan-born (!) and flying a TIE-Fighter (!) was in "The Alderaan-Factor" (Comic StarWars #86) written by Randy Stradley - a Marvel comic author.

June 1982
The first computer game was released - "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" for ATARI 2600 VCS and Mattel Intellivision.

July 1983
"Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle" published by Parker Bros. for ATARI 2600
The Years 1995 - 2001

28 February 1995
"Troops" were mentioned or created within the so-called "Expanded Universe" - like "Darktroopers" aka "Supertroopers" in the PC & MAC-Videogame "Dark Forces" from LucasArts or Spacetroopers with a 0-G-Equipment (o-Gravity-Equipment). Spacetroopers were also mentioned before in 1987 (The Star Wars Sourcebook published by West End Games) and again in 1994 (Star Wars: The Imperial Sourcebook by Greg Gordon).
The Years 2002 - 2014

For Episode II Doug Chiang (design), Michael Patrick Murnane (model) and R. Kim Smith (colours) created the Clone Troopers. Their first battle mission was on GEONOSIS and troops' standard weapon (DC-15 Blaster) was based on the German MG34 (WW II). Different ranks could be seen as colour-codes (stripes) on helmets, later on that changed into colour-codes for legions. Doug Chiang mixed elements from an older, well-known draft of Stormtroopers in the original trilogy (the "Boba-Fett-Draft") and added a bit "Mandalorian-Style".

ARC-Trooper (Advanced Recon Command), Phase II Clone Trooper and SCUBA Clone Trooper are parts of the 2D animated series:

"Star Wars: Clone Wars"

First Season - 10 Chapters
07 - 20 November 2003 (Miniepisodes of 3 min)
Second Season - 10 Chapters
26 March to 08 April 2004 (Miniepisodes of 3 min)
Third Season - 5 Chapter
21 - 25 March 2005 (12 min-episodes)

Phase II Clone Troopers made it into the movie and served in different variations as troopers for the Republic - on the edge to the Empire - in the prequels. Lots of clones, lots of different troops. More and more it became a vast canon of characters especially concerning computer gaming evolution:

Star Wars: Battlefront
(published: 30 September 2004)
Star Wars: Republic Commando
(published: 28 February 2005)
Star Wars: Battlefront II
(published: 31 October 2005)
Star Wars: Battlefront - Renegade Squadron (PSP)
(published: 09 October 2007)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
(published: 16 September 2008)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
(published: 26 October 2010)

Troopers were kept alive in different ways but to that time not in movies. More than just compensation of the lack of new movies had been animation series:

"Star Wars: (The) Clone Wars"
Season 1 - 5: 03 October 2008 - March 2013
Season 6: 2014

"Star Wars: Rebels"
Season 1 - 4: 03 October 2014 - ?
The Years 2015 - 2017

Star Wars: Battlefront (published: 17 November 2015) - EA

In "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" the common motto was "Back to the Roots" concerning also Stormtroopers' appearances. The First Order Stromtrooper was developed by concept artists Christian Alzmann, Ian McCraig and Glyn Dillon. This "new old design" built also the baseline for First Order Tie-Pilots, First Order Flametroopers and First Order Snowtroopers. Also Captain Phasma was the first female in a "Star Wars Life Action Film" playing a Stormtrooper and Finn aka FN-2187 was to be the first Stormtrooper taking off his helmet. The list of new or alternated "Stormtroopers" in "ROGUE ONE - A Star Wars Story" seems endless and it is: Imperial Death Troopers, Imperial Assault Tank Pilot, Imperial Shoretroopers (ranks by colour-codes) and many more well-known classics.
The Years 2018 -

more to follow...
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Total number of "Stormtroopers" in official Live Action Films so far:

Episode IV
Star Wars: A New Hope
25 May 1977

1. Imperial Stormtrooper
The Galactic Empire

2.Imperial Sandtrooper
The Galactic Empire

3. Imperial Spacetrooper
The Galactic Empire

4. Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot
The Galactic Empire
Episode V
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
17 May 1980

5. Imperial AT-AT Pilot
The Galactic Empire

6. Imperial Snowtrooper
The Galactic Empire
Episode VI
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
25 May 1983

7. Imperial Royal Guard
The Galactic Empire

8. Imperial Scout Trooper (Biker Scout)
The Galactic Empire
Episode II
Star Wars: Attack of the clones
16 May 2002

9. Clone Troopers
The Galactic Republic
Episode III
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
19 May 2005

10. Clone Troopers (PHASE 2)
The Galactic Republic

11. Clone Trooper Pilot
The Galactic Republic

12. Biker Advanced Recon Trooper
The Galactic Republic

13. AT-RT Driver
The Galactic Republic

14. Elite Corps Clone Trooper
The Galactic Republic

15. Galactic Marines
The Galactic Republic

16. 501st Special Ops
The Galactic Republic

17. Imperial Shock Trooper
The Galactic Republic

18. UTAPAU Airborne Clone Trooper
The Galactic Republic

19. The 327th Star Corps
The Galactic Republic

20. Coruscant Clone Trooper
The Galactic Republic
Episode VII
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
14 December 2015

21. Stormtrooper
The First Order

22. Captain Phasma
The First Order

23. Flametrooper
The First Order

24. Riot Control Stormtrooper
The First Order

25. Megablaster Heavy Trooper
The First Order

26. Snowtrooper
The First Order

27. Tie Pilots (Special Ops with Red Stripes)
The First Order
Rogue One
A Star Wars Story
10 December 2016

28. Imperial Assault Tank Pilot
The Galactic Empire

29. Imperial Death Troopers
The Galactic Empire

30. Imperial Shoretroopers
The Galactic Empire
Episode VIII
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
09 December 2017

31. Executioner Trooper
The First Order

32. Elite Praetorian Guard (3 helmet variations)
The First Order
A Star Wars Story
10 May 2018

33. Mimban Stormtroopers
The Galactic Empire

34. Imperial Mudtroopers
The Galactic Empire

35. Imperial Patrol Troopers
The Galactic Empire

36. Imperial Range Troopers
The Galactic Empire
Episode IX
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
16 December 2019

37. Jet Troopers
The First Order

38. Treadspeeder Trooper
The First Order

39. Electroprod Trooper
The First Order

40. Sith Trooper
The First Order

41. Sith Jet Trooper
The First Order
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