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Edition: 500 complete collections
Editor: New Zealand Mint
Material: Fine Silver (999/1000)
Embossed Quality: Polished Plate (PP)
Diameter: 40,00 mm
Weight: 31,10 g

Edition: unknown
Editor: MMmedia GmbH, Ohlweg 5, D-22885 Barsb├╝ttel, Germany
Material: Nickel-Copper-Aluminium
Embossed Quality: Brushed
Diameter: 44,00 mm
Weight: 34,00 g

When Star Wars "The Force Awakens" and "Rogue One" were shown in German movie theatres various set of coins was presented to be a give-away for old and new fans of the saga. They are originally presented in different multicolour metal-boxes.
2019 Created by Frank Schmidt
MusicLinerZ Vision Video (MVV)
Last Update: 06 April 2020
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