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long time ago in my galaxy (not too far far away)

Key Moments

1968 - 1973
1968: First vision of making a film like Star Wars - before even making THX 1138.4EB. (THX 1138)
19 November 1970: First screening of feature film THX 1138 (film budget: $ 777.777,77)
11 March 1971: THX 1138 released.
03 August 1971: United Artists (UA) registered the title "The Star Wars" (MPPA)
28 December 1971: Financial agreement between George Lucas and UA for two films.
("American Graffiti" and (...))
06 April 1972: Final deal for three films was signed with Universal because UA resigned.
("American Graffiti", "Apocalypse Now" and (...))
17 April - 20 May 1973: "The Star Wars Treatment Summary" (14 pages) - dated 11 May.

1974 - 1975
May 1974: Initial treatment ("rough draft") for "The Star Wars" was written.
July 1974: The first draft was completed - "The Star Wars"
28 January 1975: The second draft was completed - "Adventures of the Starkiller, Episode I: The Star Wars"
01 May 1975: Story Synopsis and Typed Outline Summary - "The Adventures of Luke Starkiller (episode one) "The Star Wars"
01 June 1975: Industrial Light & Magic was founded.
01 August 1975: The third script was completed - "The Star Wars: From the adventures of Luke Starkiller"

1976 - 1977
01 Januar 1976: The fourth script was completed - "The Adventures of Luke Starkiller as taken from the "Journal of the Whills"
28 March 1976: Filming started in Tunesia (Nefta Salt-Platoon near Tozeur - Chott el Djerid).
10 April 1976: The first handcrafted 1:1 model of the Millenium Falcon was built at expenses of $ 15.531,27.
16 July 1976: Filming was completed.
12 May 1977:  Post-production had ended - just two weeks before movie theatres in the US opened their doors.

The epic started in only 32 movie theatres in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York due to the lack of belief in the movie. To that time I had finished elementary school and was trying to get a grip on procedures my high school required - primarily looked forward to reaching upcoming summer holidays. Also, it was the first time I heard about a new science fiction movie which was released in the US with an astonishing feedback. Public interest and enthusiasm increased very quickly and so the number of movie theatres showing "Star Wars" did.

25 May 1977: 32 theatres (US)
24 June 1977: 213 theatres (US)
27 August 1977: 451 theatres (US)
23 September 1977: 900 theatres (US)

Then - When I Was Eleven

1978 - 1981
I am pretty sure that I was amongst the very first visitors in my hometown movie theatre interested in "Star Wars" - the "Holstentor-Lichtspielhaus" located Moislinger Allee 18a in L├╝beck. Unfortunately it closed in 1980. "BANG", George Lucas had me ! I still don't know what I really felt nor thought after the final credits but I paid another 20 (!!!) times to watch it. Since then I never stopped inhaling news concerning that universe. All of my friends immediately realised that I was addicted to it. Nowadays' merchandise industry still smiles at me as you will see.(10 February 1978)

21 July 1978: The first restart in US movie theatres.
17 November 1978: Broadcasting "Star Wars Holiday Special" on CBS.
15 August 1979: The second restart in US movie theatres.
10 April 1981: The third restart in US movie theatres - re-titled as: "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope".
31 July 1981: The first restart of "The Empire Strikes Back" in US movie theatres.

The Story
(ends for the moment)

"Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker" started on the 18th December 2019. I am older now (physically), live in the very North of Germany (OUTPOST-NORTH, not the OUTER RIM) and - in a certain way - I calmed down. Anyway, my "obsession" to Star Wars related topics is still present. One proof may be this "Fan Site" as I like to call it.

I try to put the "FORCE" into photography.
There is not always a knight in it.
Collection of "Designer USB Flash Drives (MIMOBOT®)".
Very nice and just different.
Collection of "Designer USB Flash Drives (TRIBE)".
Unusual and specific in its style.
SILVERWARE Have a look
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A special section for troops.
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Some fun related to SW.
Helping hands.
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